Multi-Use Leather Travel Roll-Up

Made in New York City

By Cruxe Brand x Pace Leather

Pace Leather x Cruxe Brand

This all natural cowhide leather roll-up is versatile for what may suit your needs. From securing your tools for a long journey on a motorcycle across the country to bouncing from appointment to appointment for that perfect haircut your client desires. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can fit inside this leather roll-up.


Complete with a 2-3 oz cowhide and nickel hardware. It measures 10” wide by 32” in length. With RiRi zippers on all four pockets, with a removable cylinder pouch and leather strap with a twisted chain included both measuring 30” in length. Six snap closures finish this piece off for extra durability for keeping your lifestyle safe.


About the collaboration

and the creatives behind the brands

Pace Leather is a New York City based company, specializing in luxury ready-to-wear and bespoke leather clothing and accessories. Founded by Pace Witty who is a self educated pattern maker and leather tailor. The concept of the company is about detail and quality pieces that stand out based off of the idea behind it. 

“When Drew approached me with the idea for the roll-up I immediately was into it. Motorcycles have always been something that I’ve been attracted to since I was a young kid. I’m building a 63’ Ironhead Harley right now and plan on taking it across the country next year when it’s ready. I expect it to break down along the way and knew that I would need a good amount of tools with me to make the trip. When we got together to conceptualize the piece we both were looking for something that could be versatile to our industries. It needed to be durable, have enough pockets to fit our tools, be compact enough to carry over your back and look stylish at the same time.” 



Playing off the natural, bold contrast of black and white, Cruxe, born in Brooklyn embodies the light and darkness of our emotional texture. Balancing the conflict and tension of these two worlds is how Cruxe manages to deliver not just a product, but an attitude. By bringing an element of luxury to a hairstylist’s essentials, Cruxe pushes the limits of inspirational connection and creativity through minimal design, modern functionality and a noticeably distinctive style.

“I was a part of Pace’s presentation last season and saw that he was doing something unique and different from most of the industry simply chasing trends. I had been looking to work together with a designer and create something new and unique. I think there should be more of an individualistic element to the items we use daily and that was my goal. To help produce an item that bypasses categories and labels allowing hairstylists, motorcyclists and all walks of life to find a use for it in their own unique way.” 


Limited quantities ships early October. International shipping is accepted.