Multi-Use Leather Travel Roll-Up

Made in New York City

By Cruxe Brand x Pace Leather

This all natural cowhide leather roll-up is versatile for what may suit your needs. From securing your tools for a long journey on a motorcycle across the country to bouncing from appointment to appointment for that perfect haircut your client desires. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can fit inside this leather roll-up.

Shown above with and without the leather harness


Complete with a 2-3 oz cowhide and nickel hardware. It measures 10” wide by 32” in length. With RiRi zippers on all four pockets, with a removable cylinder pouch and leather strap with a twisted chain included both measuring 30” in length. Six snap closures finish this piece off for extra durability for keeping your lifestyle safe.

Shown above unrolled and open